The GP of Spain saw Cristobal Guerrero show the true form he’s capable of. Somewhat off his normal pace at the season opener in Chile, Guerrero put his Yamaha WR250F on the third step of the podium both days.

Working hard over the winter with his new berth Team Yamaha Miglio, despite still recovering from a fairly serious shoulder injury, the Spaniard is now firmly getting to grips with the new WR250F.

Catching up with Guerrero after his second visit to the podium, we got the lowdown on his year so far and how things are rolling along under the Yamaha awning…

…On starting 2015 on the back foot

– I always believed that I can fight for the podium in Enduro 1. Unfortunately my injury before the start of the season didn’t allow me to follow my standard off-season training schedule. So, we started the pre-season races aiming at getting some racing time on the new bike.

– We did race a few national races, but the GP of Talca in Chile was our first race with the new WR250F in the world championship. We learned a lot during that race and decided to make a few changes after the weekend in Chile.

cristobal.guerrero MG 0322-1080-1

…On life with the new Yamaha WR250F

– Every time I race the new bike I’m feeling even better with it and that’s a really positive thing for the rest of the season. From the very beginning, all of the changes and modifications we made to the bike with my team have helped me get an even better feeling and to improve my results. We’re definitely on the right path with the development of our bike.

– I’m really happy about the route we’ve followed regarding bike development. I can say that we’ve almost reached perfection with engine setup. We’ve got a really powerful and highly competitive engine.

– We’re now focusing mostly on our suspension settings. Since the beginning we’ve noticed that the WR250F sits a bit high on its rear end, so we’ve tried a new linkage and a new rear shock. The idea was to bring the rear end of the bike a little bit lower, something which helped us a lot.

– Bike development is an on-going process. I even tried some new solutions in Spain which seemed to work well. We’ll keep on trying to make the bike even better.

miglio-yamaha EWC-2015-Rnd-2 3311-1080

…On the EWC GP of Jerez, Spain

– My highlight from the Spanish GP would be the extreme test. I could push a lot there and get some good results. On the other hand, I kind of struggled with the enduro test. I made two mistakes on lap two and lap three and lost time there. But finally I made it to the podium and that’s what matters the most.

– You could say that the overall conditions of the race in Jerez are what I’m mostly used to riding at. But still all this dust and the soft-like-powder terrain in some places made things worse. It was really slippery in some points. I normally prefer the hard-packed grounds.

– I’m really happy I had all these Spanish fans supporting me and cheering for me in Jerez. They helped me keep pushing in every test. It’s always good having such a great support from the enduro people.

…On keeping the momentum rolling

– It’s true that we’re making important steps. We have a new team and a new bike in the EWC, so every little thing counts. We’re gaining valuable experience and now the only thing we have to do is keep on working hard on the exact same plan.

– In Spain I made it to the final place of the podium and now the next step is a win. I know that in Portugal I can fight for it and this is actually my plan. It might be difficult because Nambotin and Remes are very strong, but I’ll give my best and we will see what happens.