The Enduro X men’s final at X Games 2014 went exactly to plan for Taddy Blazusiak with the KTM rider claiming yet another gold medal. Winning his heat race to advance directly through to the final, Blazusiak hit the top step of the podium at the end of a thrilling 10-lap main event.

With the world watching on, Blazusiak took the holeshot before working his way back into the lead at the end of the opening lap. A crash mid distance narrowed his advantage over the chasing pack, but by holding his ground in the final few laps Blazusiak crossed the finish line first to take X Games gold…

Congratulations on yet another X Games Enduro X gold!

Taddy Blazusiak: “Thanks. It feels awesome to get take home another gold medal from X Games.”

The race was pretty wild to watch. What was it like to be out on track banging bars?

TB: “The 10-lap final was crazy. There was a lot of stuff going on but even though I made my fair share of mistakes I still felt like I had it under control. I managed to get in to the lead at the end of the first lap, which was a massive help.”

At about mid distance it looked like you’d checked out for the win but suddenly you hit the deck. What happened?

TB: “On lap five I’d built up about a five second gap over Colton Haaker in second place. Coming into the log jump I didn’t set up for it quite how I wanted to. I caught a stump that was sticking out with my front wheel and crashed. Luckily I got to my feet pretty quick and just about held onto the lead.”

winner blazusiak-x-games-texas

In the second half of the race Haaker and then Cody Webb came on strong. Did you feel like you had enough in hand to hold them off?

TB: “I knew it would be a close race to the chequered flag after that mistake. Colton got right along side me into the rock garden but I was able to hold my line and still exit it in the lead. I’m not sure what happened next but then Cody closed in too. I had one big scare with a lapper as I started the final lap but other than that I rode as fast and defensive as I could to get the win.”

Prior to X Games you spent a lot of time testing and even decided to skip Erzberg to prepare for Enduro X. Have you now got your bike set-up like you want?

TB: “My KTM was pretty much flawless in Texas. Like you said, we did a lot testing to get ready for this race. For a 250f the motor was real strong and I was able to holeshot both my heat race and the final. The bike was great and I felt so comfortable on it. Of course it was disappointing to miss Erzberg – I love that place – but winning X Games has made up for that.”

Finally, what does it mean to get your fourth X Games Gold Medal?

TB: “It’s huge, I’m so happy to have got it done in Texas. X Games in one of my most important races of the year so to put 100 per cent effort into it and come away with the win is perfect.”