Eero Remes, Pela Renet and Mathias Bellino round out perfect weekends in Serres, all claiming double class wins at the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship’s GP of Greece.

Highlights of day one…

A strange combination of dry and dusty terrain with lots and lots of river crossings made things tricky. River ruts started getting seriously deep after day one. Marc Bourgeois had to spend more than one-minute trying to get his Yamaha out of a rut in the Enduro Test.

Eero Remes was dominant on day two in Enduro 1. He got a win and closes the gap to Christophe Nambotin in the E1 championship chase to just four points.

eero.remes EWC-2015-Rnd-4 2447

Luck wasn’t on Matt Phillips’ side this time. The defending E3 champ managed to salvage a nearly catastrophic situation yesterday by finishing on the podium after his 40sec penalty from the SuperTest. But stomach problems took their toll on him during day two.

Aigar Leok had his wife and son cheering him on at the Greek GP. Considering he did so well on both days – second in E3 – maybe the fun-loving Estonian should consider bringing his family in more races?

The ‘Hero of the Day’ award goes to Matti Seistola, no question. Trying to salvage some points the Sherco rider rode all day with a broken finger and in a lot of pain. He did finish the race but drops to third in the standings. 

Here’s the official report…

A second long day or racing in Serres ended with Eero Remes winning in Enduro 1, closing to within just four points on championship leader Christophe Nambotin. Husqvarna’s Pela Renet claimed his first double win of the season ahead of Antoine Meo with third going to Alex Salvini.

Things were clearer second time out in Enduro 3, where Mathias Bellino got the lead early in the day and rode on to victory. Conditions were dry and even harder on day two, with mud holes and countless river crossings in the enduro test taking their toll on many riders.

aigar.leok EWC-2015-Rnd-4 2385

Finland’s Eero Remes was hard to catch on day two, securing a fourth day win in 2015 to level Christophe Nambotin’s number of victories this season. Riding with pain on his injured knee, Christophe Nambotin had to settle for second in Enduro 1, and now leads Remes by only four points. The battle for the Enduro 1 title is shaping up to offer some real drama during the upcoming rounds.

Danny McCanney returned to form on day two to end up third on the podium. Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino ended the GP with another fourth place finish with his fellow countryman Cristobal Guerrero coming from behind to end fifth in Enduro 1. “It was another good day. No mistakes and another win,” was Remes’ overview of day two.”

Pela Renet’s goal of reducing the championship lead held by Antoine Meo was achieved as the defending E2 champion secured victory on day two. With his second consecutive day win Renet is now 13 points behind in the championship standings. Meo made a mistake in the Enduro Test and then had to struggle a lot to regain ground. He finally ended second almost half a minute in front of third-placed Alex Salvini.

pela.renet EWC-2015-Rnd-4 2374

Salvini only has two weeks to work hard and search for his second win of the season at his home GP of Italy. Sherco’s Loic Larrieu had another good fight with Jaume Betriu for fourth place with the Frenchman ending up winning that battle and Betriu finishing fifth again.

In the Enduro 3 class it was Husqvarna’s Mathias Bellino who took the top step of the podium. Knowing that he would have to start the day in attack mode if he was to finish ahead of Matt Phillips, Bellino took to the front and steadily edged his way ahead as the day progressed.

Second place went to Estonian TM rider Aigar Leok, just as it did on day one. Impressively fast throughout the day, Leok finished between Bellino and Phillips, with Phillips struggling to perform at his best after a severely interrupted night’s sleep due to food poisoning. “I gave today everything during the first lap, I had to because I knew how fast Phillips would be,” said Bellino. “Starting the second half of the series with a win is great… now I have to stay strong during the coming GPs.”

mathias.bellino EWC-2015-Rnd-4 2497

The fastest rider in the Enduro Junior class was Beta mounted Steve Holcombe. But the day two win went to Jamie McCanney as the Manxman was able to take advantage of the fact that Holcombe ran into troubles in the enduro test, taking water into his bike and losing precious time.

Fighting hard he closed to within eight seconds of McCanney at the finish. Rounding out the podium was Beta’s Giacomo Redondi. “Hats off to Steve, he was the fastest rider today,” commented Jamie. “I didn’t feel great today but to get the win was important for my championship.”

enduro-junior-podium-day-2 EWC-2015-Rnd-4 2611

Dominating the 125cc Youth Cup Mikael Persson produced a highly impressive performance to finish minutes ahead of his closest competitor – EWC first time podium finisher Jack Edmondson. Third went to Italian Mirko Spandre.

mikael.person EWC-2015-Rnd-4 0701

The 2015 Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship continues in two weeks with the GP of Italy.