With just eight weeks to go until the 2015 Red Bull Romaniacs, this year looks set to become tougher than ever before. Are you ready…

Things are starting to heat about around Sibiu, the home of the Red Bull Romaniacs: in only about 8 weeks from now, riders from 37 countries will arrive for their ultimate challenge of the year.

Together with friends, families and the service crews of the riders, the Extreme Enduro trek will bring about 1200 people into the heart of Transylvania. They will be coming from countries from all over the world, Great Britain, Germany and Austria being represented with the most riders, but closely followed by New Zealand, the Netherlands and South Africa! Among the more exotic names in the world of Extreme Enduro are riders from countries like India, Korea, South Sudan and Ecuador.

All of them are going to be facing one of the tougher editions of the Red Bull Romaniacs, a race that is already considered one of the world`s most brutal Enduro tests. For most of the starters, getting through one of the four Offroad Days will be a somewhat manageable task. But getting up early the next morning and getting back on the bike to complete the 600km race track, is a different story.

With increased difficulty levels for the different classes and especially the Gold class, getting through the sections will be even harder in 2015. The team around track director Klaus Sorensen kept themselves busy all year long to scout and puzzle-together trails, that “normal” people would refuse to walk. As usual, they contain everything from hidden, old Roman roads, wood-pulling lines, goat trails, unforgiving rivers and straight vertical lines through forests and across mountain ranges.  

At the same time, the organizers invested significant effort into making the race more fluent and increase the separation of the field of riders: The tracks of the different classes are more widely spread out and will be better isolated from each other.

At the same time, the starts of the Gold and Bronze class have been put together to allow longer starting intervals – which will further separate the individual riders. Out there, on the track, in sections that face a certain potential to cause bottlenecks, alternative lines have been prepared for the riders with the best terrain-reading skills. For those with less good eyes some alternative lines will even be marked…

Additional efforts were also invested into cleaning trails: increasing visibility, rideability and removing (unwanted…) obstacles. Two crews were deployed for 30 working days to clean 100km of trails. The 2015 track team, managed by track director Klaus Sorensen (DK): Eric Themel (AT), Donato Gomez Jarque (ES), Magnus Grönberg (SE), Andras Elek “Bondi” (HU), Radu Zicu (RO), Harry Neumayr (AT), Radu Brumar (RO), Adi Mihu (RO), Mike Skinner (NZ). Prologue: Andy Fazekas (RO).

The race management around Martin Frein Freinademetz decided to keep the 2015 Red Bull Romaniacs 100% based in Sibiu. There will be no out of town overnight bivouacs – in favour of making general logistics easier.

The spectator points will be released two weeks prior the event on

Data / Riders / Countries / Track Details:

Offroad Day One:

Iron: 98km. minimum estimated riding time: 4:05

Bronze: 98km. minimum estimated riding time: 4:18

Silver: 135km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:19

Gold: 129km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:52

Offroad Day Two:

Iron: 96km. minimum estimated riding time: 4:24

Bronze: 115km. minimum estimated riding time: 4:48

Silver: 123km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:01

Gold: 143km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:28

Offroad Day Three:

Iron: 89km. minimum estimated riding time: 3:22

Bronze: 113km. minimum estimated riding time: 4:15

Silver: 142km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:19

Gold: 161km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:37

Offroad Day Four:

Iron: 93km. minimum estimated riding time: 3:43

Bronze: 105km. minimum estimated riding time: 3:50

Silver: 137km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:01

Gold: 161km. minimum estimated riding time: 5:51

Altitude meters covered:

Gold class 60k

Silver & Bronze class 50k

Iron Class 40k