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Michelin BIB Mousse M18 Enduro Rear 18″

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Product Information

Endurotyres ‘Tech tip’ for Michelin BIB Mousse 18, M18 Rear –
Slightly smaller mousse which works great in 120/130 tyres. A new / firm M18 can be used in a 140 tyre in deep mud to gain better traction and replicate a lower psi.

Here at Enduro Tyres we pride ourselves on having the largest physical stock of Michelin Bib Mousse. In the UK riders and the trade know that if we don’t have stock, no one will!

Bib Mousse has a use by date and is critical that it’s stored within specific temperatures, our climate controlled warehouse and very high product turn over ensures you Bib Mousse is delivered to you in perfect condition, something to consider if you’re offered a cut price Mousse that’s been sat around.

The Michelin Bib Mousse M18 rear 18” fits the smaller 120 rear medium Enduro tyre.