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Rangers Garage 100 Years in Business

Celebrating 100 Years in Business 1915 – 2015

Rangers of Durrington can trace its Business roots back to the turn of the century , with the Horse drawn Wagonette in 1910 taking sightseers on trips to Stonehenge.

And the First Motorised Bus circa 1920 in Salisbury Market Square. In the 1950’s our present site Rangers Corner Garage was established and Various Car franchise such as Rootes, Hillman, Chrysler. Talbot, Peugeot were added over the years.

We thought we would share, some of our old photos, and our Motorsport Involvement in chronological order…” (Click to enlarge the images)

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Stock Car 1950’s

With new Cars almost impossible to purchase Automobile Engineer Sylvan Ranger, converted ex Army Vehicles into “Woody” type estate cars. For racing he built the “Stranger” Stonehenge/Ranger Stock car and raced all over the UK at venues such as Matchams Park nr Ringwood.

Our present garage, back in the early days…

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Click here, for some of our Old Stock car Cine film , Brafield  International, Matchams Park, and Pewsey carnival race..

Karting 1960’s

A forward thinking Sylvan Ranger purchased a number of new “Go-Karts” he trailered these to various local Army Camps and set up makeshift race tracks with in the barracks. These Karts were an instant success with local Soldiers and civilians a like.

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Early film of our karts at Thruxton race circuit Coming soon

Production Car Trials 1960 / 70’s

Including: 1963 The new car Hillman Franchise that Rangers Garage held in the early sixties enabled  early access to the New Hillman Imp. It was soon evident to Sylvan Ranger that this potent little rear engined car, would be good for production car trials.

1968 Michael Ranger and Navigator John Martin on route to a first class award at Blue Hills Mine Section, Lands End Trial.

1968 RallyCross or Autocross as it was known began to get established in the UK, and Rangers prepared a Special IMP for Michael, to contest the Players No 6, and BTRDA National Series.

1972 Stage Rallying, With classic events  such as the Chieftain, Bristow, and Bath Festival Rally’s. Michael and navigator John Martin Built and raced series of very quick, if some what fragile Rally Imps, often beating some of the Top drivers of the day in the more popular Ford Escort, in the Car and Car Conversions, and Motoring News Championships.

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Click Here for Michael Ranger in action at Bournemouth Motor club event .

Ringwood Schoolboy Moto X 1970’s

Alan Ranger starts racing with the Ringwood Schoolboy Scramble Club on a Suzuki RM80

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Peugeot 205 GTi 1980’s

The Peugeot 205 Gti was launched in 1984, now making it a modern classic. Most of the motoring press still acknowledge the Peugeot 205 GTI as one of the best, if not the best, hot hatch ever built: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/best-hot-hatch-ever-result
We were a successful Peugeot dealer during the time of the Launch of the 205, and we sold a huge amount during its 10 year production cycle.
As the 205 GTi is now viewed with iconic status, we thought we would share with you some Photographs of cars we prepared back in the day.

We can lay claim to the First ever Mi-16 (16V) Engine conversion. Reg number F460 JAA  was a joint venture between ourselves and the UK Gutman tuning Importer GM design. We supplied and Prepared many Modified cars from New, with Lnyx, Zender, but  mostly Gutman  Tuning parts. Gutman was our preferred choice as it was more subtle.
We still have an Immaculate (Un restored ) 205 Gti 1.9 in Laser Green, from the early 90’s with its  Period Gutman accessories, that reminds us just how fantastic these cars even by today’s standards.

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1989  Trevor Nation

We loaned Trevor a new 205 Gti Road car, during his successful period competing on the JPS Norton Superbike…

Moto X / Enduro 1980’s /90’s

Including:  1989   Alan Ranger  Honda CR 250  Adult Expert MX

1993    After a Break from MX, Alan tried Enduro and finished season ACU Clubman Four stroke  British Champion on Board a Husky Sport TE 350 .

1994    Under the watchful eye of  Mechanic John Towle, and with assistance from Husky Sport and John Deacon, another Husqvarna TE 350 was prepared and enabled Alan to win the ACU Expert Four stroke British Championship.

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Click Here for Mid nineties British Championship Enduro action with Alan Ranger

1997 John Deacon R.I.P

British Enduro Champion, Nine Times ISDE Gold Medallist, outright Paris Dakar stage winner.  We provided support for Johns first Paris Dakar, pictured here shortly after finishing Sixth Overall.

Daryl Bolter Enduro 2001

We approached a local  15 year old Moto –x Rider  Daryl Bolter and suggested he tried  his hand in Enduro. With a previous Good relationships with the then Husqvarna Importer Mike Carter at Husky Sport  we Purchased a Husqvarna WR, and new race truck . The next eight years were hugely successful for Daryl on the ultra reliable little Husky, rising through the Ranks and notable victories included ACU Clubman, Expert, British 125 , European Junior Champion, Senior European E1, Third in Junior WEC, GBXC Pro Lites overall, Youngest ever winner of Welsh two day.. These days firmly settled  with Crescent KTM UK and continuing the winning ways, keep up with Daryl’s results on his Facebook page by clicking here.

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Cousins Lewis Ranger + Oliver keane 2006

Lewis Ranger  and Cousin Oliver Keane, enjoyed competing in the British Cycling National BMX race series, across the country and selected events abroad.

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2010 Alan Ranger “Retro Husky TE 350” at Welsh 2 day Enduro

2013 Yokohama Tyres at Palmer sports Track day

Alan Ranger with Yokohama Tyres at Palmer Sport track day in Bedford.
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2013/14/15 Lewis Ranger ACU Southern Centre Youth Trials Series Winner

2016 Lewis Ranger ACU British Enduro Championship Clubman E1 / 2t 3rd overall & Foxwell Enduro Cirencester Park overall winner


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