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Onboard – Drapak Rodeo

Onboard – Drapak Rodeo

The Drapak Rodeo is the biggest Hard Enduro Race in Tschechien, Germany. Check out the GoPro footage from the race. Carnage!

Martin Volny beat Marcus Kehr to win Saturday’s prologue

In the main event, Kehr led during the early stages of the race until Volny found a way past the Sherco rider to win in a time of 68 minutes. Kher claimed the runner-up result finishing five minutes behind.


1. Martin Volny (Beta)

2. Marcus Kehr (Sherco)

3. Otto Freund ( KTM )

4. David Cyprian ( KTM )

5. Zdenek Cyprian ( KTM )

6. Milan Engel ( KTM )

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