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They’re here. The KTM 2015 EXC range are now in the public eye. Always pushing hard to keep one step ahead of the rest, KTM have launched their MY15 model to the world’s media in Sibiu, Romania – the hard enduro capital of the world. And of course, are there to get a first look…

Highlight Features

  • Across the range, KTM have undergone a few revamps for 2015 in an effort to further perfect the orange brand. These include:
  • Improved power delivery on two-stroke engines
  • New MAE digital speedometer
  • New black Neken handlebar
  • Improved handguards with new material
  • New softer compound grips
  • Updated shock on the EXC 125 and 200
  • New black coloured rims from Giant
  • Orange coloured frame
  • New colours and graphics

KTM 450EXC MY15 2015

For MY 2015 the EXC chassis receives various upgrades thanks to the refinements made by KTM’s RD department in Mattighofen. Not only does the new EXC range boast striking looks with a factory orange frame that’s usually only seen on race team machines, there is also a new speedometer, upgraded wheels, improved handguards, new grips and new wheel rims that all compliment this year’s exciting new graphic design for the entire enduro bike range.

To improve on weight-saving as well as optimal stiffness, the EXC range benefits from refinements to the swingarm using the latest in calculation and simulation software. These design changes are reflected in the wall thickness of the cast aluminium swingarm, which shaves off even more weight along with a precisely defined flexibility.

For MY 2015 the PDS monoshock tuning has been revised on 125/200 EXC two-stroke models and features an improved seal for a more simplified seal change.

The 200, 250 and 300 EXC models have a new, lighter 3h battery, which also contributes to the overall weight saving of the machine.

For MY 2015 the 350 EXC-F and 450/500 EXC receive new silencers with perforated pipes to reduce noise levels and optimise performance.

250 EXC-F

Small in stature but packing a mean punch the 250 EXC-F engine for the most part remains unchanged for 2015. A new longer sixth gear aids road transits while the short gear ratios in fourth and fifth help to keep it singing on the trail. Other features include new O-rings in the oil pump suction screen to increase durability under extreme conditions and over time. A proven race winner the 250 EXC-F is liked for its strong engine combined with it’s easy to ride chassis.

KTM 250 EXC-F-2015

 350 EXC-F

If you’re looking for ridability and maximum enduro performance then the KTM 350 EXC-F is what you need. With its compact, powerful DOHC engine, low weight and top notch suspension, it’s the perfect all-round thumper. With state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system offering a very wide power band and over 45hp of power, the 350 EXC-F is strong enough to beat any 450 in the E2 class.

KTM-350 EXC-F 2015

450/500 EXC

The ‘Daddies’ of the range, the 450 and 500 EXC are for those who are looking maximum four-stroke performance.

KTM-500 EXC 2015

125 EXC

It’s hard to beat the raspy roar of a 125 two-stroke. Nothing screams excitement like barking the rev-limiter between gears shifts when hauling down an unused trail. Always a favourite with those young or old, the 125 EXC gets a couple of updates for 2015.

  • A new rear shock with mono-seal joint ring for an improved seal and simplified seal change
  • A new carburettor setting for a better, smoother power delivery

KTM 125 EXC 2015

200 EXC

The 200 EXC has the combination of a 125’s playful handling with impressive engine power that’s very close to the feeling of a 250. Plus its electric starter makes it super user-friendly and fun.

250 EXC

An unbeatable power-to-weight ratio, low purchase and ownership costs, as well as the straight-forward technology that makes the 250 the primary choice for extremely heavy enduro duty. The cutting-edge engine is started effortlessly via an electric starter and has been considered the most successful two-stroke power plant on the market. Best-in-class enduro performance combined with a perfectly geared six-speed transmission and a DDS clutch make this engine the absolute top dog in its segment.

  • New power valve setting with opening point at 200rpm compared to the previous setting for a smoother power delivery
  • New CDI curve optimised for new power valve setting
  • New ignition cover with new gasket for improved sealing
  • New gasket on inner clutch cover for improved sealing
  • New carburettor setting for a better, smoother power delivery
  • New 3h battery, which is lighter and guarantees efficient starting
  • New shorter gearing on electric starter for higher initial torque and better starting

KTM-250 EXC 2015

300 EXC

The rider’s choice both in Hard Enduro and the EWC – it’s tough to beat the 300 EXC two-stroke. With serious torque, an agile chassis and awesome power-to-weight ratio there’s not a lot that stands in its way.

  • New ignition cover with new gasket for improved sealing
  • New gasket on inner clutch cover for improved sealing
  • New carburettor setting for a better, smoother power delivery
  • New 3h battery, which is lighter and guarantees efficient starting
  • New shorter gearing on electric starter for higher initial torque and better starting

KTM-300 EXC 2015

Six Days Model

For when you need just that little bit more, the Six Days models are the weapon of choice.

  • 4CS Closed Cartridge front forks by P Suspension with revised tuning delivering optimised damping and less bottoming out
  • Camel seat for improved long distance comfort
  • Engine skid plate for effective protection of the frame and engine
  • Machined, anodied orange triple clamps that offer extremely precise fork clamping for optimum fork action
  • Orange frame
  • Supersprox Stealth composite sprocket with steel teeth and aluminium inner section for improved durability
  • Solid rear brake disc (with no slits or perforations) for improved heat resistance and less brake pad wear
  • New front floating disc for consistent braking under the most extreme conditions
  • New front disc guard for optimum protection against stone impact
  • High-strength aluminium handlebar with Six Days logo
  • New light switch made by EOEI
  • New light and robust racing mirror
  • Fuel filter for fuel cap (four-strokes only) to ensure fuel is always clean for the fuel injection system
  • New Metzeler tyres designed in collaboration with KTM for excellent grip and traction
  • Radiator protector bar for effective radiator protection
  • Radiator fan for all four-stroke models to optimise temperature control in extreme conditions
  • carbon pipe guard (two-strokes only) to deliver effective protection for the resonance chamber
  • Six Days exhaust silencer, anodised in charcoal grey with six days logo
  • Front axle puller for easier front axle disassembly
  • Orange radiator grille
  • Orange chain guide

KTM-350 EXC-f six-days ISDE-2015

Exclusive Six Days graphics, this year with a striking Argentina derived design


125 EXC £5949

200 EXC £6149

250 EXC £6649

300 EXC £6849

250 EXC-F £7199

350 EXC £7299

450 EXC £7399

500 EXC £7499

125 EXC SixDays £6549

250 EXC SixDays £7249

300 EXC SixDays £7449

250 EXC-F SixDays £7799

350 EXC SixDays £7899

450 EXC SixDays £7999

500 EXC SixDays £8099

Stay tuned to Enduro21 for the 2015 KTM EXC test…

KTM EXC 2015 technical-data 01a