FIRST LOOK – 2015 KAWASAKI KX250F & KX450F - Enduro Tyres



Weighing into the mix Kawasaki have announced details of the 2015 KX250F and KX450F.

Now we understand that Kawasaki isn’t pushing any enduro models and unfortunately they don’t have any two-strokes either but there’s always been a love of Japanese machinery among enduro fans.

From the weekend warriors battling it out on the three-hour cross country tracks to the Pros in the AMA EnduroCross series, Kawasaki has a place in enduro. Heck, it’s not that long ago David Knight took a KX450F, slapped on a headlight and won a round of the EWC in France.

So for those love a bit of Japanese engineering here’s what Kawasaki have on offer for 2015. Hopefully one day soon they’ll give us a serious woods weapon to shout about…


249 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single with Dual Injectors

The use of the world’s first dual injectors for a production motocross is a key component of the KX250F’s highly acclaimed fuel-injected performance.  The KX250F engine’s direct-flow intake further contributes to high-rpm power.  Tuned for high performance, its high-revving character is complemented by superb response. Fine-tuning for 2015 results in a stronger low-mid range and enhanced durability.

Separate Function front Fork (SFF) Type 2

Used for the first time on a mass-production motocrosser on the 2011 KX250F, the SFF locates its damping assembly in the left fork tube and a spring in the right. 48 mm fork tubes and works-style internal construction contribute to a planted feel at the front, increased damping performance and ride comfort, greater bottoming resistance, and increased stability when on the brakes or when landing jumps. For 2015, revised valve settings offer improved damping for increased high-speed handling and ride stability.

Kawasaki KX250F-KX450F 2015 201LIMDRS00D C


449 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single with battery-less fuel injection

Fuel-injected engine offers hard-hitting power across the rev-range while ensuring stable fuel-metering in all conditions. 

NEW SFF-Air TAC (Triple Air Chamber)

Factory-racer-style SFF-Air TAC front fork locates its damping assembly in the left fork tube and a pneumatic spring, comprised of three pressurised air chambers, in the right.  Light weight, low friction, easy adjustability, a wide setting range and precise settings are some of the advantages.

Kawasaki KX250F-KX450F 2015 201LIMDRS00D C4

2015 KX250F & KX450F – KEY FEATURES

Factory-inspired tuning

Works-base bridged-box bottom piston. New piston crown increases compression ratio and improves combustion efficiency for stronger pull and quicker revving.

Progressive throttle link

Lightweight φ43 mm throttle body uses two shafts joined by a progressive link to give sharp response and excellent power feeling.

Setting-adjustable motocross ECU

Lightweight ECU was designed specifically to withstand the rigors of motocross racing.  ECU contains three engine maps (plus a fourth for Launch Control Mode).  Settings for the three maps can be reprogrammed with the optional KX FI Calibration Kit.

Launch Control Mode

Factory-style launch control system increases the chance of getting a good start by helping riders maximise traction when starting on a slippery surface.

DFI Setting Data Selection

Using the provided DFI couplers, riders can quickly and easily access their choice of three maps (standard, hard, soft) provided in the ECU.

Slim aluminium perimeter frame

Aluminium perimeter frame is a lightweight construction composed of forged, extruded and cast parts.  Slim design contributes to racer-friendly ergonomics.

Adjustable handlebar position

A choice of four positions allows riders to tailor their riding position. Factory-style Renthal handlebar and pad come standard.

Kawasaki KX250F-KX450F 2015 201LIMFHAB00D C

Adjustable footpeg position

Riders can choose from two positions to suit body size and preference with 5mm offset.

Slim, racer-friendly rider interface

Slim frame, minimalist bodywork and a flat tank-seat line were designed to make it easier for racers to go fast. 

Race-ready front suspension

Super-hard titanium coating protects the fork from wear abrasion.  Self-lubricating alumite coating creates a hard, low-friction surface on the outer tube, protecting the aluminium surface and further reducing friction to promote smooth fork action.

New Uni-Trak rear suspension- pXX

Linkage mounts below the swingarm for more precise suspension tuning.  Dual compression adjustability offers a wide range of tuning options. Self-lubricating alumite coating on the tank cylinder improves wear resistance and shock action. For 2015, revised settings contribute to improved damping for increased high-speed handling and ride stability.

Petal brake discs

New-design factory-style front and rear petal brake discs offer strong braking performance, excellent control and high-quality sporty looks. Oversized 270 mm front disc further enhances controllability.

Factory styling

Complementing the factory-style design and graphics, black alumite rims, black fork guards, new green highlights help create a distinctive Kawasaki identity.  Green alumite finish on the suspension adjusters and green finish on some of the engine trim add to the KX250F’s high-performance image.