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EWC GP of Greece – Super Test Breakdown

EWC GP of Greece – Super Test Breakdown

The Enduro World Championship GP of Greece is go and it’s Johnny Aubert and Alex Salvini that’s topped the time sheets.

A big crowd and perfect weather saw both Aubert and Salvini amazingly set identical times on Friday’s Super Test to take a joint lead in the Enduro 2 class.

With Antoine Meo third and Pela Renet fourth all the leading E2 players hold the top spots.

In the Enduro 1 class, Christophe Nambotin is already out front with Eero Remes and Jaume Betriu second and third.

Always spectacular on the Super Test Mathias Bellino edged out Ivan Cervantes for the Enduro 3 top spot with Matt Phillips third.

Danny McCanney is already in the driving seat for the Enduro Junior class and leads the way from Loic Larrieu and Giacomo Redondi. Jack Rowland was on the pipe to go fourth fastest while in the 125 Youth Italy’s Davide Soreca was fastest.


2014 sees a new scoring system for the Super Test.

The fastest rider of each class benefits by getting nine seconds deducted off their final day one time.

Second fastest gets seven seconds deducted, third six seconds and so on until eighth position gets one second deducted.

Positions nine to 15 see their day one times stay as they are.

Those who place 16th or above have an additional five seconds added to their final day one time.

In the case of Aubert and Salvini tying on time they both received a nine-second deduction.

The Super Test has no bearing on Day Two.