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EWC GP of Greece – Day Two Breakdown

EWC GP of Greece – Day Two Breakdown

The EWC GP of Greece is done and dusted. Here’s the important stuff that went down on day two…

– Go, go Matt. Everyone’s favourite Tassie Matt Phillips bagged his first win in the senior ranks. He’s been on the gas since round one but between one thing or another winning didn’t happen. This time though Matt got the job done and just in time too as he flies home tomorrow for a week of well-earned family time.

– Cervantes may have lost the battle today but he’s kept himself in the driving seat of the championship by finishing second. Granted he didn’t have an answer for Phillips, but after injuring his ankle around the start of the final lap he soldiered on to get some more points on the board.

– All bets on Nambotin’s perfect season are now off. He’s been beat. Eero Remes – on a mission to make up for his odd end to day one – was ‘on a mission’ in E1. Leading from the off he built up enough of a cushion to hold off a rejuvenated Nambo in the closing stages and win.

– That victory was Remes’ first win in two years but even bigger than that it was TM’s first ever win in E1. Congrats guys!

remes EWC-2014-Rnd-3 2435Remes gave TM their first E1 win…

– The big news in E2 was Salvini. The Italian was finally hauling serious ass for the first time this year and led early on. But a massive crash on the cross test saw an early end to his day. He limped away nursing an injured right collarbone so fingers crossed no serious damage has been done.

– Becoming a bit of a second day wonder, Barragan – helped in part by Salvini’s exit – picked up fourth in E2. Impressive ride from the Spaniard. When he figures out day one, things are going to get a lot more interesting.

–  By taking another commanding win in the Enduro Junior ranks Giacomo Redondi properly shook things up in Greece. Loving the conditions, his maximum score leaves him six points shy of Danny McCanney heading into the GP of Finland – halfway point in the season.

– In the unofficial scratch times, Meo and Renet take the top two spots. But by preventing an E2 1-2-3, Phillips wedges his two-stroke into third. Aubert is five seconds behind Phillips in fourth overall with Cervantes completing the top five. Remes and Nambo’ are sixth and seventh with Redondi close behind in eighth.

– Interestingly Redondi’s time would have placed him fourth in E2.

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