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EWC GP of Greece – Day One Breakdown

EWC GP of Greece – Day One Breakdown

A hot, dry and dusty day one of the Enduro World Championship’s GP of Greece is a wrap. Here’s the breakdown of what went on…

Ivan Cervantes is on a roll in Enduro 3. Despite ending lap one in fifth he calmly moved his way forward to record his fifth win of the series. With young guns Matt Phillips and Mathias Bellino going hell for leather early on it was the experienced hand of Cervantes who again got a crucial win in the bag.

For the majority of the day Johnny Aubert and Alex Salvini kept us believing that we’d see a new winner in Enduro 2, as they led the way. But as the day wore on Pela Renet found his way to the front to take victory. After missing out on day two in Portugal it was sweet revenge for Renet, who this time held Antoine Meo at bay… but only just.

A bad day at the office was still enough for Antoine Meo to finish second. Twenty-six seconds behind Aubert at the end of lap one he placed two off Renet come the final test. Never, ever write this man off!

pela-renetRenet held off Meo to win E2

Christophe Nambotin won again in Enduro 1.

Day One also threw up a couple of identical special times throughout the classes. First we had Aubert and Salvini tied for the win in the Super Test and on the final extreme test both Fabien Planet and Deny Philippaerts were joint second fastest in Enduro 3.

The extreme test proved to be tougher than it looked and cost a couple of guys a shot at winning. Antoine Meo, Matt Phillips and Danny McCanney all felt its wrath.

Phillips can be forgiven for his extreme crash. Over eager Spectators, keen to create their own action, plucked numerous rocks from the riverbeds and placed them in a couple of rutted corners. Not expecting to see the rocks Phillips crashed three times. He essentially lost his chance of claiming his debut E3 win. Not cool at all…

The added 32 degree heat caused numerous scenes of frantic action come the end of the day as riders fought to change tyres and mousses. Expanded from the heat many were more than a little difficult to change. Just ask Eero Remes. Despite being second fastest in E1 his front tyre failed to fit and was a reluctant retirement.

Oddly, Remes’ bike was placed inside the Parc Ferme… not sure exactly happened there.

eero-remesRemes’ TM did make it the parc ferme…

Tip of the hat to Jeremy Joly – fifth overall in Enduro 3 and best privateer of that class on his KTM France backed two-stroke.

It should come of no surprise to see E2 ruled the unofficial overall result on day one. Renet, Meo, Salvini and Aubert took the top four positions. Nambotin was a somewhat ‘distant’ 32 seconds behind Aubert in fifth.

Proof that the Juniors don’t ‘just make up the numbers’ Giacomo Redondi’s pace was good enough for sixth outright and was two seconds faster than Cervantes!

giacomo-redondiRedondi was on it!