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Michelin Enduro Tyres for MTB Riders

The new Michelin Enduro tyres were publicly launched at the 2017 ISDE in Brive, France. They replace the benchmark best selling Michelin FIM Comp 3, 4 and 6 tyres. The new range has taken 4 years of extensive testing and is not something that has been rushed. Coupled with the specific Bib Mousse they are now dominating both classic and Extreme Enduro, with most major teams choosing this combination.

Here at Endurotyres, our long term rider, Daryl Bolter, Multi British/European Enduro Champion and Husqvarna brand ambassador was chosen to test pre-production tyres and give extensive feedback towards the suitability for British Enduro terrain, since then every class in the 2018 British Enduro Championship was won on Enduro Medium / Bib Mousse combination.

Michelin has introduced 5 new Enduro front and rear tyres. The new Michelin Enduro tyre range offers the following improvements:


More grip and better cushioning. This has been made possible by work done to the tread block shape and layout, and the internal structure of the tyre.


More versatility and better wet grip due to new rubber compounds and improved Bib Mousse compatibility.


Longer lasting. There is a 15% improvement in the longevity of these tyres, compared to previous generation. * Independent Dekra test Sept 2016

Pro Riders Using Michelin Mediums

Billy Bolt
Wade Young
Graham Jarvis | Michelin Medium Enduro tyres

“I was asked to test the new tyres in wet forest conditions directly against the existing Comp 6 front and Comp 3 rear, within minutes I had noticed a huge improvement in the stopping distance, the grip when cranked over was better and it tracked in ruts much better. The tyre designers have used a lot of the newer technology from the Starcross 5 tyre, with an entirely new silica based compound. Michelin have created a game changer for FIM Enduro tyres.” – Daryl Bolter – British ISDE Team Manager / Husqvarna UK / Husky-Sport 

Even the daddy of Enduro bikes, the mighty Husky 701 works well on Mediums. Many thanks to our customer, David Steed sending us this photo of the rear tyre on his bike at 500 miles mixture of 50/50 on /off road, 90/100/21 Medium up front performing equally well.

Enduro Medium Tyre

The New 2018 Enduro Tyre Range

Dan Mundell, GB Junior ISDE team rider and was the first UK rider to race using the new Enduro Medium at the ISDE event in Brive, France.

“I didn’t have a chance to test the tyre prior to ISDE, but immediately on the first day I noticed an improvement over the Comp 3 tyre. It gave me great confidence and some of my special test times placed me as the top Brit.” – Dan Mundell – MRS Sherco Factory Sport rider

South west time trial expert, Jason Hamblin has prepared himself a very trick KTM Freeride rules state trial rear so a Michelin X light performs faultlessly, free tyre choice upfront, Jason wants the ultimate tyre to “cut in” on tricky slippery off cambers. He chooses the 90/90/21 Enduro medium.

Enduro Medium Tyre on bike

The Finer Details

Michelin Enduro, Front, Medium

90/100-21 M/C 57R (Use the Bib Mousse M16 for this tyre)

90/90-21 M/C 54R (Use the Bib Mousse M15 for this tyre)

Benefits from previous generation
Improved rut crossing, lightened turning, more versatility on muddy terrain.

Suitable for
Sand | Soft terrain | Grass terrain | Firm terrain


Michelin Enduro, Front, Hard

90/90-21 M/C 54R (Use the Bib Mousse M15 for this tyre)

Benefits from previous generation
Increased stability, Increased tread block rigidity aids cornering precision, grip and wear.

Suitable for
Rocky terrain | Hard/solid terrain

Enduro Medium rear

Michelin Enduro, Rear, Medium

120/90-18 65R (Use the Bib Mousse M18 for this tyre)

140/80-18 70R (Use the Bib Mousse M14 for this tyre)

Benefits from previous generation
Improved rut crossing and grip, better compatibility between tyre and Bib mousse, better resistance to tearing/chunking, multifunctional versatility.

Suitable for
Sand | Soft terrain | Grass terrain | Firm terrain | Rocky terrain | Hard/solid terrain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there no Enduro Hard tyre for the rear?
A: The Enduro rear Medium tyre is actually excellent on hard ground, in grip, feel and wear, so there was no need for a separate one.

Q: Why is there no 90/100-21 Hard?
A: Making a Hard in 90/100 with 48 x 13mm tread blocks would increase the weight on an already bigger, heavier tyre. It would be difficult to turn, give heavier steering and have more rotating mass, none of which is desirable even on slower grounds.

Q: Why is there no dedicated extreme tyre? 
A: With a soft Bib Mousse, the medium tyres are very good, in reality the market for a ‘chewing gum’ tyre at 80+ Euro, that only lasts a few hours is a limited one at this moment in time.

Q: Are the lines on top of the tread blocks performance aids
A: They can add grip when the tyre is new and help to show the slow wear rate, but it is more cosmetic than performance orientated.

Q: Can you use any brand of Bib Mousse with these new tyres? 
A: The internal structure of the new tyres is perfectly matched to the Michelin Bib Mousse range, the sizing varies massively in other brands of Bib Mousse and this can dramatically effect the wear rate, performance and handling of the tyre.

Q: Do the sponsored Michelin riders really use exactly the same tyres and mousse that I can buy from you? 
A: Yes! There tyre and mousse comes straight from our daily stock, same as yours. Feel free to closely examine any tyre or Bib Mousse they use at events and don’t be afraid to ask them for tyre advice.

Q: I don’t use Bib Mousse, am I still ok on inner tubes? 
A: Yes of course! We stock genuine Michelin heavy duty tubes, or ultra heavy duty (UHD) 4mm thick tubes as an alternative to Bib Mousse.

Q: I don’t require a road legal tyre and am not competing in events that require FIM tyres, do I still use these Enduro Comps? 
A: Good question, the Michelin Starcross 5 MXtyre available in 18″ rear is a great Cross Country Hare and Hounds tyre, the soft option is fantastic on rocks and extreme type. For traditional Forestry type going, ie roots, rocks, grass or mud, we always suggest Enduro Comp, with it’s lower tread blocks you can’t go wrong!

Q: Do you really need to use genuine Michelin Bib Mousse lube? 
A:  Over the years we have heard stories of customers using virtually every substance as mousse lube. The genuine lube gel is to prevent friction build up which greatly reduces the life of your mousse. Regular re-lubing will extend the life of your Bib Mousse, for ease of application, one 50 gram tube of genuine gel is required per Bib Mousse, and they come in a box of 12 that will easily last a racing season.

Enduro Medium Comp Tyre

Endurotyres real world testing of Michelin medium on wet grass at Track and Trail event   10/09/2017 @ Winterbourne Abbas Nr Dorchester.

“The idea behind the new range is to create tyres with the flexibility to absorb smaller impacts, while retaining the rigidity needed to maintain a line and avoid deflection over bigger hits.”

Tubliss – Ok, so the Michelin Medium Enduro range was never designed to run the Tubliss system, it’s something that Michelin DON’T indorse but we have reports it works well on the Enduro Mediums. James Pinder has done extensive testing in zero grip conditions here. The Mousse vs Tubliss merits are hotly debated, we will leave you to make the choice!

Enduro medium

Julian Oakes couldn’t get over the lack of wear on his rear Michelin medium tyre after winning the over 50’s class on his 350 KTM at the First British Enduro Championship round at the highly abrasive venue Warren Heath Gravel-pits. Julian was a top Championship rider back in the 90’s and still doesn’t hang around!

If you need any more convincing about the merits of the new Michelin medium Enduro tyres and how they last, then here’s Lewis Rangers rear 140/80/18 + the New M14 mousse having done a practice day and then both days of Scotland BEC round, this was after a mix of grass/hardpack and rocky terrains!

Michelin Medium review
Graham Jarvis using Michelin Mediums

Graham Jarvis is the 2019 Erzbergrodeo winner. Greatest Extreme rider of all time using the Michelin Medium tyres. #teammichelin