This is it, the 2014 Enduro World Championship is almost over. Six rounds done and dusted just the final round in France remains. Here’s Enduro21.com’s Daily Diary…

juniors EWC 2014-Rnd7 MG 3739-1080

Split by Nico Mori the two Junior title contenders – Danny McCanney left and Giacomo Redondi right – wait for the day to begin focused on the day ahead.

Back in action following his horrific foot injury in Italy, Matt Phillips is determined to hang onto his hopes of winning the Enduro 3 World Championship – even if he’s got to wear a bigger boot to do it.

Hunting down his fifth EWC title Ivan Cervantes knows the score – to win he’s got to beat Phillips. Game on!

Alex Salvini eyes up the handle bar sized gap between the concrete pillar and straw bale. Try as he might he just didn’t have an answer for Renet on day one.

Aigar Leok was hard on the gas but unfortunately it wasn’t just hard enough as Fabien Planet pipped him to the podium by a miniscule one second.

Second cross test into the day and Ivan Cervantes washes out the front end. This one mistake pretty much cost him victory in E3, it was that close.

He might be the oldest player in the EWC but given the right circumstances Fabien Planet can prove he’s lost none of his speed. In what’s billed as his last EWC, Planet grabbed the third step of the box in E3 – top job!

By his high standards Loic Larrieu has had a shocker of a season. Crashes, injuries and mistakes have held him back. On day one he finally recorded a long over due win in Juniors.

The cross test was fast, seriously fast. To get a good time you had to let it all hang out. Phillips wasn’t afraid to dance.

Not too many saw this result coming – Romain Dumontier third E2. To date Dumontier’s best has been sixth so to go three places better – and do it on a two-stroke – easily made him one of the standout performers of the day.

Spare a though for Oriol Mena. He’s been grafting hard all year but just can’t get a spot on the E2 podium. Today he missed it by three seconds.

McCanney knew he needed to stay in front of Redondi if possible. Punching in a series of fast times in the morning he did exactly that to move in front of his rival and detune him somewhat.

Jermey Joly hit the deck hard on the opening enduro test. Catching a rider up he lost sight of some tree roots and an insanely fast section of the course and rag dolled himself down the track. The test was momentarily stopped to allow medical attention. The latest news is a broken bone in his neck, so get well soon Joly.

Davide Soreca still hangs onto the 125 Youth Cup point’s lead. But by placing fifth on day one he’s not making it easy for himself. It’s all still to play for tomorrow between him and Albin Elowson.

Billed as the extreme test you could easily be forgiven for thinking this was a cross test. To be honest it was kind of a little disappointing – off camber grass turns aren’t that ‘extreme’ – are they?

Jamie Lewis – the Welsh Grafter! Eighth in E2.

It’s been a while in the making but McCanney signed off from his stint in the Junior ranks as a world champion. And he’s the only Junior rider to have titles in both SuperEnduro and EWC.

Brad Freeman is a new kid on the block that’s hauling some serious ass. After a full season in the European series he took in a one off ride in France. Despite being hampered by dust at the back of the pack he pulled a win out of the bag. Definitely a rider with future potential.