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Boano Racing and Betamotor look set to increase their presence in Dakar 2015 with the unveiling of the Beta RR ‘Atacama’ by Boano Racing…
Boano Racing together with Betamotor have developed the RR Atacama 450cc rally bike, are are looking for riders…

Used for the first time in this year’s 2014 Dakar, the bike has been further developed with Boano Racing offering a full race service support package for next January’s event.

Jarno Boano: “Our Beta Atacama hit its goal at 2014 Dakar: finishing it. Now, after this important test and many hours of development, we are certain that with a good rider we can aim for the top 10 result in Dakar 2015. Every rider that has experienced the bike so far has been extremely enthusiastic of its lightness, balance and ease of use, even with fuel tanks full. This year, in addition to our rider/customer service programme, we are looking for a good pilot that will allow us to move up in the rankings.”

Those interested in findong out more about the RR Atacama 450cc rally bike can contact Boano Racing at