Chris Bach earns first career overall win at inaugural Tomahawk GNCC. Jason Thomas earns his fourth XC2 win

The 2015 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship made it’s way north for an all-new GNCC venue with the Tomahawk GNCC in Odessa, New York.

After a hard fought day of racing, coming from as far behind as sixth place on the opening lap, Honda’s Chris Bach emerged with his first ever-career GNCC overall win.

“I just kept telling myself to relax and not let it get to me,” said Bach “I’ve never led one of these for very long much less half the race.”

GNCC Racing0525

As the green flag dropped, it was Husqvarna rider Tyler Medaglia who shot off the start to claim the $250 All Balls Racing Holeshot Award. However, Medaglia’s day later end early due to an ankle injury.

Husqvarna’s Thad DuVall soon found himself in the number one spot with Husqvarna’s Ryan Sipes and KTM’s Kailub Russell in tow.

DuVall ran into brake troubles not once, but twice. After pitting and taking some time to fix the troubles, DuVall’s day would ultimately be cut short after suffering from brake failure once again, which resulted in a hard crash.

Russell reclaimed the lead on lap two, but soon faced pressure from both Bach and Sipes. Russell would come in second place, ending his season win-streak. Sipes rounded out the podium with a third place.

“It was definitely a man’s track, it was rough out there,” said Russell “I’m pretty disappointed, it’s not the end of the world though I got second.” 

Yamaha’s Grant Baylor put in an impressive ride battling up front and even leading portions of the race. Baylor would finish fourth while Husqvarna’s Andrew DeLong finished fifth and Honda’s Takeshi Koikeda finished sixth. 

Chris Douglas had his best finish of the season finishing seventh place in XC1 while Adam Bonneur also had his best finish of the season with an eighth place finish.

Husqvarna’s Josh Strang got off to an excellent start, challenging Tyler Medaglia for the holeshot. However, Strang quickly faded through the pack, ultimately only completing three laps of the six-lap race.

In the XC2 Pro Lites class, Sam Evans claimed the $100 Hot Cams Holeshot Award. KTM rider Jason Thomas moved his way into the lead, but soon face what seemed to be mechanical issues. Thomas manoeuvred his way through the remaining laps to hold on and take the XC2 Pro Lites class victory at the Tomahawk GNCC.

Husqvarna’s Craig DeLong held the early lead, but after being seen coming through on lap two with both his front and rear fender bent upwards, it was apparent Delong had suffered a hard fall which would cost him time. 

Tegan Temple had his best finish of the season at the inaugural Tomahawk GNCC. Temple held a consistent second place from lap one until the checkers flew. Honda’s Layne Michael would make a last lap charge to claim the XC2 Pro Lites third place ahead of Yamaha Ricky Russell and KTM’s Trevor Bollinger rounding out the top five. 

The 2015 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series continues on May 24 with the Rocky Mountain ATV*MC Mountaineer Run in Masontown, WV.


XC1 Event Results:

Chris Bach (HON)

Kailub Russell (KTM)

Ryan Sipes (HSQ)

Grant Baylor (YAM)

Andrew DeLong (HSQ)

Takeshi Koikeda (HON)

Chris Douglas (KTM)

Adam Bonneur (KTM)

Thad DuVall (HSQ)

Josh Strang (HSQ)

*Overall National Championship Standings:

Kailub Russell (175)

Josh Strang (118)

Grant Baylor (108)

Chris Bach (99)

Thad DuVall (81)

Ryan Sipes (72)

Jason Thomas (65)

Jordan Ashburn (60)

Craig DeLong (54)

Layne Michael (52)

*Indicates that the Overall National Championship Standings will determine the 2015 National Champion.

XC2 Event Results:

Jason Thomas (KTM)

Tegan Temple (KTM)

Layne Michael (HON)

Ricky Russell (YAM)

Trevor Bollinger (KTM)

Cory Buttrick (BET)

Craig DeLong (HSQ)

Austin Lee (YAM)

Michael Witkowski (KTM)

Callan May (YAM)

XC2 Series Standings:

Jason Thomas (149)

Layne Michael (112)

Craig DeLong (109)

Trevor Bollinger (99)

Ricky Russell (94)

Cory Buttrick (84)

Tegan Temple (69)

Austin Lee (64)

Nick Davis (57)

Callan May (57)