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Shido Lithium Ion LTX4/5 battery


The Shido Lithium Ion chemistry creates a battery that is light-weight, high-powered and has a long life – yet still boasts a wide range of other advantages:

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Light weight – Up to 75% lighter than normal lead batteries
  • Super-fast recharge – Up to 75% in 6 minutes
  • Drop-in replacement and can be mounted at any angle
  • Excellent cycle life of more than 2,000 cycles (around x4 more than traditional Lead-Acid batteries)
  • High cranking power
  • No sulfating
  • No explosion risk
  • No maintenance
  • Much lower rate of self-discharge
  • No pollution, no lead and no acid
  • Built-in LED indicator

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